My HDIM Video Output With Linux On ZC702

I am sharing what I am doing for in my Parallel Reconfigurable Hardware/Software Co-design project using ZYNQ.

In this first blog, I am going to build my HDMI video output with Linux on ZC702 board.


Yet Another Guide to Running Linaro Ubuntu Linux Desktop on Xilinx Zynq on the ZedBoard

Comment: This is the most important one I have referred. However, its hardware is built by XPS.


Comment: The official one from Analog

HDMI on ZedBoard with Petalinux

Using Petalinux and Vivado 2013.4 .

Summary of the major dishes we need in this project

  • A bitstream system.bit for the hardware system targeting on ZC702, which is generated by Vivado.
  • An FSBL (first stage boot loader) using SDK
  • A u-boot.elf (Linux boot loader)
  • A BOOT.BIN which is contains of the FSBL, system.bit, and u-boot.elf using the SDK.
  • A Linux kernel named UImage.
  • A devicetree blob named devicetree.dtb.
  • A FAT32 partition on our SD card that includes BOOT.BIN, uImage, and devicetree.dtb.
  • An ext4 partition on our SD card with the pre-build Ubuntu userland.


  • Vivado 2014.4/EDK
  • A Window box. I am using w7 64bit
  • A Ubuntu box. I am using 12.04 64bit
  • ZC702 video development board

 Prepare the SD card

  • Follow the instruction on ADI page.

Building the hardware platform

  1. Download and build the reference design for ZC702. From

2.  We need to build the device IP required to create ZC702 HDMI design first.

So in the TCL console in Vivado, change the directory to the IP library path:

  cd J:/Github/hdl/library/axi_clkgen

  Then run the script.

            source ./axi_clkgen_ip.tcl

Here is  the screen shot

As the step has been done in step 2 to build the other IPs,

  • hdl-master/library/axi_clkgen
  • hdl-master/library/axi_hdmi_tx
  • hdl-master/library/axi_i2s_adi
  • hdl-master/library/axi_spdif_tx
  • hdl-master/library/util_i2c_mixer

3.  Build the project

change the path to

cd J:/Github/hdl/projects/adv7511/zc702

Then run

source ./system_project.tcl



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